About Us

 Meet Shauna T. " Budget Boss Coupons" Shauna proudly calls Dallas, Texas her home. She is a proud wife and a mother of two.

Shauna started her coupon journey seven years ago. Shauna went to a Kroger mega sale and it was a disaster! She spent $87 and immediately knew something was not right. Shauna went back to Kroger, did the transaction three times, before she got it right. On her last try, the total came to $27.39! Shauna has joined coupon groups, to expand her knowledge, for couponing.

Shauna has saved over 60% on food, personal, and household products. Shauna has helped her sisters, dad, mom, and other extended family saves thousands, by couponing. Shauna has gained an additional source of income (through couponing) by reselling her stockpile. Shauna has paid off thousands in debt, currently has her son in college, and purchased her son's first car.

Due to Shauna's compassion for people and dedication to couponing, she has created a YouTube channel, named Budget Boss Coupons, with over 18k subscribers and 820k views. Her love for saving money led her to teach/coach others how to coupon and turn their savings into income. She has taught, over thousands of people worldwide, how to coupon successfully. Shauna's motto:" couponing is a lifestyle."